Our Professional Landscape Designers are the Key to Our Creative Solutions.

From the design to the detailed hardscapes, we can handle all elements of your project. Our team has a track record of consistently providing quality and craftsmanship on plantscapes and hardscapes. We have all the right equipment, experience, and resources available for any sized project.

Beautifully Crafted Southern Inspired Gardens

Landscape Design Services - Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - This_Lake_Front_Courtyard_is_filled_with_various_plantings_from_formal_to_nativeAt Wilson’s Natural Landscaping, LLC we love the tradition of the old southern courtyard and southern plants. We can be key components in designing and building the courtyard of your dreams. Southern gardens and landscapes elicit images of carefully manicured boxwoods, cherry blossoms, cardinal flowers, lavender, lilac, and more! We can even incorporate hard to locate heirloom plants, if that brings your ideal southern visual elements to life.

Professional Poolside Landscapes - From Concept to Completion

Landscape Design Services - Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - Gallery9We want to create your perfect outdoor oasis! Your backyard pool is your own personal escape; where you relax and unwind. A proper landscape design can be instrumental when it comes to ultimate relaxation and a true peace of mind. Our team believes that the key to any great design is to create a perfect balance of water elements, hardscape, and softscape design. We understand the proper usage of shape, textures, and elements to create the perfect design that compliments your yard. From tropical to contemporary designs, we can create a variety of custom landscapes that fit your style and budget. 

We Have a Passion for Quality and it Shows! 

For over 25 years, we have proudly established ourselves as one of the leading landscape design companies providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Our team of experts have worked hard to maintain an excellent reputation and set the standards high for our industry.

Charlotte's Leading Woodland Garden Specialists 

Landscape Design Services - Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - Native_Dogwood_%26_Pink_Phlox_comboDo you have large trees or unused wooded areas in your yard? Let us put them to use! Our team has the expertise to create beautifully designed woodland gardens that provide a more relaxed and natural look to your landscape. Best part is, it's practically maintenance free!

While new plants may require supplemental watering during their first year of establishment, the care of your woodland garden will be minimal, much like it is in a natural woodland setting. 

Our landscape architects will identify all existing shrubs, vines, and grasses through a detailed site analysis and recommend a solution that will not only look great, but be a usable and sustainable space for your entire family and the area’s natural wildlife. 

From the turf to the trees, we can help!

Sustainable Native Garden Solutions 

Landscape Design Services - Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - Happy_AsterAt Wilson’s Natural Landscaping, LLC we pride ourselves on maximizing Mother Nature’s influence in design. Although native plants are underutilized, they are often an ideal plant choice for many sites - especially since they offer so many ecological benefits. Our knowledge base about native plants is at an expert level, so whether it's integrating a few into your project or you prefer a strictly native planting, we can help!

Naturescaping is different from traditional landscaping in that we utilize plants that are native to the site of the immediate region. Generally the sites we create in this genre have minimal or no turf grass lawn and are fairly informal. Our teams often group plants together as they are found in natural settings, to have a larger impact in the planned landscape. 

In many cases, we recommend an initial mulching of the site and then let mother nature take over with leaf litter and natural twig drop so other organisms benefit from the landscape. If you have felled logs or boulders on your property we will use those too. With the addition of natural stone work in these natural settings we create walking paths and destinations which can mimic secret gardens.

Big or small property, we will provide the necessary site visits, consultation, to determine a landscape design and installation solution that will fit your budget. 

Keep in mind:

Native plants are extremely dynamic. Plants can change from month to month or year to year, depending on the weather - so your garden could look slightly different at all times.

Brick & Stone Landscaping - Creating a Place of Sanctuary & Ultimate Relaxation

Landscape Design Services - Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - Country_CharmOur team of experts know what it takes to bring out the rustic and natural features of stone. We can build retaining and decorative walls, large stone steps, small stone pathways, benches, and plenty of other features out of pure stone. We then compliment our work with foliage; blending the two together and making it even more beautiful, functional, and most importantly - natural!