Professional Drainage Solutions by Charlotte's Experts 

Landscape Drainage Solutions Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - image12Water erosion is one of the most common issues homeowners deal with. 

It can range from the inconvenient puddle in your yard to a dangerous stream that washes your property away over time. These issues need to be taken seriously. If ignored, they can lead to very costly repair bills, dead plants, and even flooding!

Improper grading is one of the main reasons that water erosion occurs. Sometimes construction companies overlook how important a proper slope is for moving water safely to designated drainage areas. A slight change in elevation can make the difference between having a lush, beautiful yard, and having large areas of standing water. 

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At Wilson’s Natural Landscaping, LLC - we’ll get our hands dirty, so you don’t have to. Our team of skilled landscape professionals will deliver quick and aesthetically pleasing results. Every property is different, and every homeowner needs a customized resolution that’s right for them and their budget. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to tackle your problem head on - so trust our experts to get the job done right the first time!

Landscape Drainage Solutions Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - image7Pipe Installations & Trenching Services

Our straightforward and efficient approach to drainage solutions includes the installation of trenches and pipes to allow channeling of excess water to a desired area. This process involves creating the channel, laying the pipe, and then concealing it. There are a range of options concerning the final phase, including pathways, river stone beds, and other features that complement your landscape design. Our experts will recommend the best solutions for your landscape and budget. We use quality materials such as a french drain, corrugated solid pipe, and various sized catch basins to ensure a functional, effective, and beautiful finish!

Dry Basins, Flumes, & Rain Garden Solutions 

Landscape Drainage Solutions Stanfield NC | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - about

The shape and size of our water-transport designs can vary greatly depending on your property’s needs. We can create large basins and flumes, that are carefully measured and dug by our team, to accommodate and add effectiveness to the work. These functional additives are incorporated into the design, with aesthetics in mind. We want to turn your unusable areas into beautiful features that are sure to impress! 

Improper drainage can destroy your home!

That’s why it’s important to contact experts to assess your property. At Wilson’s Natural Landscaping, LLC we can install various types of drainage, from basins to concrete fumes. We have a water drainage solution to fit your property’s needs and your budget.