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Don't let water erosion wash away your joy!

Landscape Drainage

Water erosion is one of the most common issues homeowners deal with. It can range from a puddle in your yard to a dangerous stream that washes your property away over time. These issues need to be taken seriously! If ignored, they can lead to very costly repair bills, dead plants, and even flooding! Save yourself the stress (and money) and call Wilson's Natural Landscaping!

Improper grading is one of the main reasons that water erosion can occur. Sometimes when they're building, construction companies overlook how important a proper slope is for moving water safely to designated drainage areas. Even the slightest change in elevation can make the difference between having a lush, beautiful yard - and having large areas of standing water in your yard. And no, we don't mean a new pool.

Our modern irrigation techniques include:

  • Effective irrigation controllers
  • Seasonal drip systems
  • Automatic sprinklers and spray systems
  • And more!

Drainage Solutions for your yard or garden

Landscape Drainage

Our straightforward and efficient approach to drainage solutions includes the installation of trenches and pipes to allow channeling of excess water to a desired area. This process involves creating the channel, laying the pipe, and then concealing it. There are a wide range of options concerning the final phase, including pathways, river stone beds, and other features that complement your landscape design. Our experts will recommend the best solutions for your landscape and budget. We use quality materials such as a french drain, corrugated solid pipe, and various sized catch basins to ensure a functional, effective, and beautiful finish!

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"They are very nice people. They are very knowledgeable. I had some trees that died and I was outside my warranty period for them, and they were nice enough to replace the trees and only charge me the labor."

- Chad P. Charlotte, NC