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Natural Garden

From the concept, to design, to installation of your garden, we can handle all the elements of your project. Wilson's Natural Landscaping has a track record of consistently providing quality and craftsmanship on plantscapes and landscapes. We have all the right equipment, experience, and resources available for any sized project. Every job is unique and different, and we have the skills and experience to make sure each one is done right, the first time.

We have a passion for quality - and it shows! For over 25 years, we have proudly established ourselves as one of the leading landscape design companies providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Our team of experts have worked hard to maintain an excellent reputation and set the standards high for our industry! Contact us today to see how we can help add beauty to your natural landscape or garden!

Natural and Ecological Gardens

At Wilson's Natural Landscaping, we pride ourselves on using Mother Nature's design to it's fullest effect. Native plants, although they are usually underutilized, can often be the ideal plant choice for many garden sites - especially since they can offer so many ecological benefits. We have a team of experts who have an incredibly high knowledge base about native plants - so whether you need to integrate a few into your project, or instead you prefer to stick to native planting - we can help make your garden beautiful!

When it comes to natural gardens, we prefer nature-scaping rather than landscaping. This means we will utilize the plans that are native to the site or the immediate region. Generally, when we create naturescapes in this genre, there is minimal to no turf grass lawn and it's fairly informal. Our teams of plant experts will group the plants together as they are found in natural settings to achieve a rustic look on the planned landscape.

Big or small property, we will provide the necessary site visits and consultations to determine a landscape design and installation solution that will fit your budget.

Natural Garden
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Ecological Garden
Natural Garden

Woodland Gardens in Burnsville, NC

Do you have large trees or unused wooded areas in your yard? Let's put them to use! Our team has the expertise to create beautifully designed woodland gardens that provide a more relaxed and natural look to your landscape. The best part is that it's practically maintenance free!

New plants usually need supplemental watering during their first year of growth - but a woodland garden will require minimal care, similar to a natural woodland setting. Our landscape architects will help to identify all existing shrubs, vines, and grasses through a detailed site analysis and recommend a solution that will not only look attractive, but serve as a usable and sustainable space for your entire family and the area's natural wildlife.

Keep in mind:

Native plants are extremely dynamic. Plants can change from month to month or year to year, depending on the weather - so your garden could look slightly different at all times.

See what other satisfied homeowners are saying about us!

"We purchased a home with a mature, overgrown Landscape. Chad paid a visit to our garden and my husband and I spent an hour or so conveying our thoughts. Chad quickly came up with a plan that was executable and that paid respect to the existing vegetation. Wilson's provided professional pruning, feedings, a few removals and some great, quality planting additions. Now, with Chad and the team managing the plantings monthly we have a truly lovely garden to enjoy and share with our friends!!"

- Carolyn G. Charlotte, NC

"We met Chad through a mutual friend. Our infant had just been born and her bedroom was in an area of the home that got very hot due to the summer sun blazing through the windows. Chad and Mike came out and installed 3 lovely, LARGE maple trees that now provide the room with shade. As a bonus our daughter gets "live in the trees" as she looks out her bedroom window! These guys know their trees!"

- Mike and Jenny K. Charlotte, NC