Large Tree Planting & Privacy Screening Services in the Charlotte Area

Large Tree Installation Stanfield NC - Tree Transplanting Charlotte | Wilson's Natural Landscaping - TREE_hole_and_settingSome of the most impressive and beneficial parts of your landscape can be large trees.

They come in many varieties and serve a large array of purposes, from providing privacy screening to much desired shade on your property. Trees are simply the best solution for an immediate transformation of your landscape, and can be a beautiful focal point of numerous design concepts.

Wilson’s Natural Landscaping, LLC has trained professionals who can plant your trees properly. A tree, as massive as it can be, is a delicate living organism, and goes through many shocks throughout the planting process. Our team has the knowledge and skill to safely handle your investment and plant it perfectly.

Natural Privacy Screening Solutions

Looking for a natural alternative to privacy fencing? At Wilson’s Natural Landscaping, LLC we understand that your property is one of the most important investments, and your privacy and protection is important. Before you consider expensive gate or fencing services, consider the most natural option - trees! 

Planting large trees can be intimidating. Wilson's Natural Landscaping, LLC takes the guesswork out of what trees to plant and where to plant them. 

Large trees can add immediate, effective, and natural protection for your property. If you don't know what trees should be planted in your space - that’s not a problem! We have the knowledge to decide which large tree species would serve you best, from the native, festive, and classic Holly to the mighty and lush Arborvitae. We'll happily provide a professional consultation and installation that meets your needs!